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PWI December 2021 Alt Cover - Lulu Pencil

ALTERNATE “500” COVER: Lulu Pencil

ALTERNATE PWI “500” COVER: Lulu Pencil While our December 2021 PWI “500” issue is already printed, we were recently given an interesting suggestion by indie powerhouse Parrow: Parrow suggested that the 500th best wrestler in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s celebrated annual ranking be given their very own cover variant. And, honestly? This sounded like a terrific

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CM Punk, Starrcast 2019

“Punk Appears Or We Riot” (Metaphorically)

“Punk Appears Or We Riot” (Metaphorically) LOOK … CLICKBAIT HEADLINES aside, I’m not suggesting that fans will actually riot at a wrestling show in the year 2021. But the hype surrounding this Friday’s edition of Rampage—the follow-up to last week’s celebrated series premiere—has officially reached a boil. And, much as I don’t expect actual, physical

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