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Beyond the pages of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, here is the extended version of our written conversation with freelance joshi standout Miyuki Takase, which formed the basis of our “One To Watch” feature in the October 2023 edition of PWI magazine. Our special thanks to Mr. Haku for his assistance with conducting and translating the interview.

Miyuke Takase: PWI One To Watch

PWI: What are some of your earliest memories of wrestling? Who were the performers that drew you to the sport?

Takase: I actually began wrestling with zero knowledge; I didn’t know the rules, the history, or wrestlers. The first wrestler that caught my attention as being cool, after I debuted, was Rina Yamashita. I wanted to become a cool wrestler like her. Years removed, I think I can safely say that I had an eye for talent from the outset!

PWI: Who trained you? Where and when was your debut?

Takase: My debut match was on January 15, 2017, at Shinkiba 1st Ring. The wrestler that taught me how to bump was Leon, from JWP (currently PURE-J). Initially, we only trained a few times a month at a Judo dojo that didn’t even have a ring. Eventually, we were allowed to train at dojos of other promotions, and Leon as well as the other JPW wrestlers taught us everything from scratch, including bumps, basic throws, dropkicks, etc. From there on, a lot of wrestlers taught me a lot of things, and I am grateful to all of them.

PWI: Share a bit about your signature moves, move set, and finisher.

Takase: I’ve used the Kamikaze ever since my debut; it’s a move that Ricky Fuji gave me permission to use. I also use the Rolling Stone (spinning brainbuster), which Ricky Fuji named for me, too. Other than that, the fans might associate me with the backhand chop and lariat.

PWI: What are some of your biggest accomplishments and bouts to date?

Takase: Winning the “Catch The Wave” singles league (round-robin tournament), which featured a lot of participants with much longer careers than mine.

PWI: You’ve had some great runs as a tag team wrestler; what does tag team competition offer to you that is different from your work as a singles competitor?

Takase: I am attracted to the fact that you can accomplish things in a tag team that you cannot do alone. 1 + 1 can be more than 2, even 10 or 20. I also learn a lot from my partners; not just moves and techniques, but also about looks, presentation, etc. I also attempt to, and enjoy,  making my partner shine.

PWI: You show incredible ability to withstand pain and to come back against your opponent stronger and stronger as the match goes on. How do you explain this?

Takase: During my matches, I listen a lot to the seconds [wrestlers in Takase’s corner] and fans. I start my matches by depending on my momentum and willpower, but when the going gets tough, the fans cheering for me is what gives me infinite power; it gives me the will to get back up, telling myself that it’s not like me to give up just yet. The cheering sinks in deeper when my situation is particularly dire. The fans are my greatest strength and my treasure, so I am really happy that vocal cheering is back at shows.

PWI:  What are your goals for the future?

Takase: I want to have more matches overseas, meet wrestlers I haven’t met yet, and want many more people to get exposed to Japanese pro wrestling. I want to enjoy pro wrestling together with all of those people. One day, I want to bring together all of my favorite wrestlers and run a show outside of Japan!

Learn about freelance wrestling promotions in Japan, including NOMADS (cofounded by Miyuki Takase, Rina Yamashita, and others) via the video below from Karen Watches Wrestling:

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BIG BOSS Shimizu executes a brainbuster variation

Dragongate’s BIG BOSS Shimuzu Tours The U.S.


NATURAL VIBES POWERHOUSE, BIG BOSS Shimizu, is on his first U.S. tour. Dragongate’s chameleon, due to his ability to transform and embody every personality he has been given since his debut, is hoping to show the new fans who are getting to meet him for the first time what he is all about.  “I am hopeful that the fans will be able to feel my passion and see my strength through my pro wrestling,” Shimizu said last Saturday at MLW’s #SuperFight.

BIG BOSS Shimizu executes a brainbuster variation

That passion was felt on February 3 at #GardenStateV, in his match against Robert Martyr, and, more notably, on February 4, at the historic 2300 (ECW) Arena. At the latter show, when NATURAL VIBES’ music was cut in the earlier part of their entrance, Kzy (singing acapella) and Boss got the crowd in sync to start the party.  

Growing up a fan of WCW and ECW, BOSS was more than excited to face the Full Blooded Italians (FBI) in defense of the Open the Twin Gate championship that night. “Sharing the ring with Little Guido is a dream come true,” said Shimizu. 

As he was getting ready for the match, we had to keep the conversation short, but I managed to ask the important questions: Since arriving in the U.S., Shimizu has enjoyed Popeye’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich the most; he believes the that the finals for Dragongate’s #ReydeParejas2023 will be NATURAL VIBES’ Jacky Funky Kamei & Jason Lee vs The Strong Machines, J & F.

In closing, Shimizu has a message for you and other PWI readers: “Since it is my first time wrestling in the U.S., I will ensure every one of my matches is memorable and enjoyable for the fans!  Thank you for your support during my first U.S. tour and I look forward to meeting you all at the venues.”   

U.S. Tour Schedule 

02-09 New Texas Pro Wrestling (Seminar & Match)
02-18 WrestleRave (Texas) 
02-25 MEW (Alabama) 
02-26 ETU (New Jersey) 


BIG BOSS Shimizu vs KAI, Open the Dream Gate Title Match, March 6, 2022

Highlights BIG BOSS Shimizu vs BxB Hulk, Z-Brats vs NATURAL VIBES Singles Match, October 10, 2022

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ON HEELS: Zicky Dice, Silas Mason, Dominik Mysterio

Pollo Del Mar & Thrillbilly Silas Mason pose

ON HEELS: Zicky Dice, Silas Mason, Dominik Mysterio


SOMETIMES IT’S BEST to recognize you’re fighting a losing battle. Zicky Dice should have remembered this when our paths crossed recently in Connecticut.

On Sept. 22, Best Trivia Ever collected a mixture of today’s brightest talent and legends like Scott Steiner and Scotty 2 Hotty for SLAM 2, an unforgettable night of pro wrestling action in Milford. Seeking revenge for his humiliation at a SLAM event a year prior, Dice had the temerity to direct his anger toward me to begin the show.

The IMPACT Wrestling star’s callous and unwanted disruption turned me from the night’s emcee into an impromptu “general manager” and matchmaker of sorts. The grave error of threatening me if “appropriate opposition” was not offered did not end well for “The Outlandish One.”

Dice fell into a trap far too many do: underestimating the cunning and calculated “Manager Of Champions.” He also failed to recognize just how far my connections extend in the wrestling world.

Some 90 minutes later, when he returned to the ring to menace and intimidate, it was my turn to surprise. You should have seen Zicky’s expression when the music hit and Eddie Kingston came through that crowd!

Fresh from devastating Sammy Guevara the night prior during an AEW Rampage taping, Kingston was all-too-ready to avenge that disqualification loss. Though I find no joy in siding with fans, I, like everyone in attendance, rejoiced as Eddie thoroughly trounced the former National Wrestling Alliance Television champion.

Yet again, Dice’s big mouth was temporarily silenced—thanks to my new buddy Eddie. Now that is “Outlandish”!


Being forced to acknowledge one of the all-time great fan favorites galls me to no end. However, when Ricky Steamboat is right, he’s right—and the National Wrestling Alliance’s new “Steamboat Proclamation” is very, very right!

Returning for Season 10 of NWA Powerrr, the former World’s heavyweight champion immediately convinced NWA owner and president William Patrick Corgan to expand title opportunities for everyone in the company. That resulted in, among other things, a single elimination tournament to determine the #1contender to The Great Cyon’s National heavyweight title.

Pollo Del Mar & Thrillbilly Silas Mason pose
Pollo Del Mar poses with “The Thrillbilly” Silas Mason / Photo by Daniel Moore/Hardway Photo and NWA

The Hall-of-Famer Steamboat hand-selected 12 competitors of varying NWA tenure to compete for a title shot at the November 12 Hard Times 3 pay-per-view in New Orleans. With gentle persuasion, “The Thrillbilly” Silas Mason joined the likes of Jax Dane, “Magic” Jake Dumas, and more!

To the shock of apparently all except me, Silas “upset” former National champion Anthony Mayweather in the opening round. We then went on to face that demon-worshipping Judais in the semi-finals. I ran interference as that devilish garden gnome Father James Mitchell tried some shenanigans, allowing Silas to take “The High Priest Of Punishment” on a Thrill Ride he could not survive!

Soon, “The Thrillbilly” will face Chris Adonis and relative NWA newcomer Dak Draper in three-way finale. Adonis is a two-time National champion and Draper is a former Ring of Honor Top Prospects Tournament winner. However, neither has faced someone like Silas Mason—and certainly not with “The Lovely” Pollo Del Mar at his side.

Stay tuned to NWA’s weekly programming—NWA Powerrr every Tuesday on FiteTV and NWA USA Saturdays on YouTube—to catch this must-see match-up. Silas Mason’s ready to take the entire NWA on a Thrill Ride straight into New Orleans!


Poor Rey Mysterio! The man simply cant control his family.

First, daughter Aaliyah seemingly strayed amidst his ongoing feud with Seth Rollins. Now, son Dominik has stabbed him in the back to join The Judgment Day.

Sure, becoming the first father/son team to hold WWE tag gold was cute, but did Rey expect that to satisfy Dom forever? How long could Daddy reasonably expect Dom to ride his coattails, treating him like a child when all he wanted was to his own man? Little Dom finally stepped from his father’s shadow—and all it took was Rhea Ripley’s encouragement.

As the nephew of a legend himself, surely Rey knows the pressures of following an icon’s footsteps. To ever be seen as more than “Rey Mysterio’s son,” Dominik needs to establish himself individually … and could never do that under his father’s thumb.

Now Dominik shows dastardly depth and determination at the sides of Finn Balor, Damian Priest, and Ripley. He’s turned the page, and his back, on the past to forge his own legacy. And it’s clear fans like it no more than Rey does.

A recent Raw audience in California nearly booed Dominik and company of San Jose. Still, the smile on Dom’s face said it all. For perhaps the first time in his young career, he’s eliciting a crowd response entirely his own—and that’s presumably all he ever wanted.

No judgment here, Dom!