PWI December 2021 Alt Cover - Lulu Pencil

ALTERNATE “500” COVER: Lulu Pencil

ALTERNATE PWI “500” COVER: Lulu Pencil While our December 2021 PWI “500” issue is already printed, we were recently given an interesting suggestion by indie powerhouse Parrow: Parrow suggested that the 500th best wrestler in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s celebrated annual ranking be given their very own cover variant. And, honestly? This sounded like a terrific

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What’s The Deal With The Weekly Ratings?

What’s The Deal With The Weekly Ratings? — PWI’s Weekly and Monthly Top 10 Lists Explained FOR ABOUT AS long as we’ve been compiling weekly and monthly wrestling ratings—online and in our magazines—we’ve been asked about the criteria used for determining them. How do we narrow each roster down to a top 10? And, for

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Giant Baba, Vince McMahon, and Seiki Sakaguchi pose together for a photo

FROM THE VAULT: Baba and Vince Open the Forbidden Door

FROM THE VAULT: Baba and Vince Open the Forbidden Door THE 2,350 FANS in attendance at Korakuen Hall on January 28, 1990, were in for a big surprise. As recently as the early-1980s, Vince McMahon’s WWF had enjoyed a solid relationship with All Japan’s biggest competitor, New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Suffice to say, no one was

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CM Punk, Starrcast 2019

“Punk Appears Or We Riot” (Metaphorically)

“Punk Appears Or We Riot” (Metaphorically) LOOK … CLICKBAIT HEADLINES aside, I’m not suggesting that fans will actually riot at a wrestling show in the year 2021. But the hype surrounding this Friday’s edition of Rampage—the follow-up to last week’s celebrated series premiere—has officially reached a boil. And, much as I don’t expect actual, physical

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